Huyen Trang – Lanky girl becoming 9x Top Model
Monday, 21 February 2011 16:23

Self-recognizing to be “a country girl”; however, when winning Vietnam’s Next Top Model, Huyen Trang becomes a famous top model!

Name: Khieu Thi Huyen Trang

DoY: 1990

Height: 178cm, Weight: 55 kg

Body size: 81-63-93

University: University of Nursing

From Bac Giang

Top 40 Miss Vietnam 2010

Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2010

After the contest, the final result causes the audience so touched when the name of the winner is called: Khieu Thi Huyen Trang – lanky girl from Bac Giang. Anyone who ever contacts with this girl knows that Huyen Trang in daily life is a simple girl. Huyen Trang starts the contest from zero in fashion, modeling and entertainment technology. Her acheivement results from incessant efforts. Round by round, Trang becomes more creative and learns from the others. In some extend, Huyen Trang is a good example for the others who want to make their dream come true with their incessant efforts

Hi Trang, this year Tet holtiday is your happy holiday, isn’t it? 

This is is my happy year. Becoming Vietnam’s Next Top Model is the best thing that I got this year. My family is very proud of this. This year I have such a great Tet Holiday. When I came back to home, I was visited by a lot of relatives and neighbours. Their sentiment for me and my family makes me touched.

Bright smile on attractive face

Did the result make you and your family surprised? 

Yes, of course, if my surprise is 5, my family’s surprise is 10. When the result was displayed on the screen, I didn’t think I would be the winner. Before that, I only thought of making efforts for my dream and also to prove that my choice is right. I did it.

If you are called a country girl who turns into a famous one after a night, do you agree?

That’s right. Before the contest, I had never had a concept of fashion, modeling or any entertainment technology, and also never contacted with the communication and media. My previous image is a tan and lanky girl who goes to university everyday. I’m a country girl.

If I’m called a famous girl, I don’t dare to get it because I don’t have many acheivement. What I have is only one champion and it brings me a lot of opportunities so that I can make my dreams come true. I think I’ll have to try much more.

From a country girl to a top model, this is like a fairy story. Do you think you are now the idol of many country girls?

If I become an idol, actually I’m very happy. I think that everyone has their own dream and to make your dreams come true, you have to try and learn incessantly.

In your opinion, does your champion result from luck or your own effort?

I don’t refuse that I’m lucky when joining the contest. However, I tried a lot to finish the journey. I know I had a lower point of departure than the others, so I had to make double efforts. This result can be considered as the achievement of my efforts. If you watch the show from the 1st day, you will see I have tried my best and the result is completely just.

Some said that Huyen Trang has a relationship with the Panel, which helps you to win. How do you think about this?

The judges are the ones who have certain fame in the industry, and they can’t destroy their fame because of an individual. Furthermore, I’m only a country girl and have little knowledge on fashion, so how should my relationship with the judges be in order that the result of such a big contest is changed? I think I become the winner because the judges see my determination and development in such a short time.

Do you think, in modern time, the beauty is is a powerful strength and you have the key to the success?

Beauty is an advantage, but the success requires more elements than that, for example, effort and determination to overcome all difficulties. This champion is only the start of the ahead long journey, and I have to try a lot to deserve being trusted by everyone. I don’t think I’m holding the key to the success. There are many things in life, and beauty is not the only key to success. As for me, the beauty is a advantageous start, the the journey depends on the effort and many other elements.

As a young and attractive girl in a society with many temptatión, have you ever thought of this? And what will you do to the temptation of life?

I have been warned a lot about the temptation of modeling. However, I want to prove everyone that modeling is a good career and we have to work with all our heart to pursue it with love and determination. I’m lucky to work with a professional team who are professionally experienced and always teach me what I don’t know. I think I have will to overcome that temptation.


You are so young and impressive, certainly you have many plans, so will you tell us some of your plans?

In the incoming time I will work under the management of CA Model, the agency managing the winner of Vietnam’s Next Top Model. At the moment, in addition to the photo shoots and interviews, I have an English course and more physical practice, which is prepared for the training course in the US in June 2011. I’m so excited with this trip because it’s a big chance for me to experience the international modeling environment

What is your biggest future dream?

I love modeling, and now I’ll try a lot to contribute to the career and study so that I can develop to international contests

Thank Trang for your time




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